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My break out series, Ancients, has been four years in the making, and I’m currently in the midst of final edits for books two and three, and I’m halfway through the first draft of book four. A Divine Invite, book one in the Ancients series, was released end of March, 2023. Book two, Divinely Trained, and book three, Divinely Gifted is available for pre-order.

For those that cannot wait, I have released it onto Amazon’s new platform, Kindle Vella. The entire series, a Top Faved Kindle Vella story, will be released there before it goes live on ebook and paperback. For those of you that are new to Kindle Vella, it’s easy, and just a click away.

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As a bonus for signing up to my newsletter, I am giving away an episode that has not been, and will not be published on Kindle Vella or in the books when they are released in their entirety. It’s a different character point of view from a scene out of the first season/book. Feel free to read that first, then have some fun figuring out which scene it is as you devour my first season 🙂 My beta readers were excited when they figured out which part it was (and who it was) 😉


A Divine Invite, Book 1 in the Ancients series is HERE!

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