Maggie Havoc is a break out Fantasy/Romance author. Her series can be found on Amazon and most leading retailers

A Divine Invite~Book 1

A catalytic event propels an insecure woman into a series of supernatural trials aimed at discovering if she has the stuff superheroes are made of.

Ellie, who is the focus of a Divine Secret, innocently triggers a series of supernatural events after she risks her life to save a stranger. 

Now that she can see beyond the mortal plane, Ellie stumbles across the Soulfull Tavern, a bar containing patrons with morally questionable occupations. There she encounters the enigmatic Johnny Knight, Hell’s notorious contract binder. His charismatic, beguiling nature leaves her feeling enamored. 

Johnny, who feels inexplicably spellbound by her, whisks her off into his world of soul scouting and debt collecting in an attempt to unearth the cause of her existence before she is discovered by otherworldly creatures. 

Ellie’s escapades inevitably catch up to her, and after experiencing a life-shattering event, a despondent Ellie is brought to her knees in front of Hell’s most nefarious soul. God will send his most revered divine being to her side, but not before Ellie passes her third trial. Question is, can she hold out that long?

Divinely Trained~Book 2

Life is full of choices, but choosing how to die, was not one she thought she’d have to make.

Ellie unwittingly exposes her existence to the underworld when she triggers a series of supernatural events. After assaulting the commander of Hell’s demons, she is subjected to a cataclysmic phenomenon that destroys her will to live but not her will to betray her conviction. Impressed by her fortitude, Lucifer offers her immortality, magic beyond her dreams, and a chance to work at the side of Hell’s most infamous soul scout and debt collector. If she refuses, the Devil vows to break her in a way no other mortal has ever been broken. Standing tall and going toe-to-toe against the Devil, Ellie breaks the ceiling with her unprecedented response, making her the only human ever to have refused the Devil under such dire conditions.

Witnessing her refusal to bow in the wake of the terror that awaits, God is prompted to act.

Ellie is rescued by a mysterious person, an Ancient who transports her to a faraway land. She has no idea of the thrilling yet terrifying ordeals she is about to encounter, all a plan that was divinely conceived to mold a simple human woman into a warrior of epic proportions.

Now that he knows of her existence, the Devil promises to raze anything that stands in his path to claim what’s rightfully his: Ellie. After months of guarding and training the human, the Ancient finds himself backed into a corner, and left with no other choice, Ellie becomes the recipient of something extraordinary, something, if wielded with a pure soul, guarantees to tip the scales of an impending war.

Divinely Gifted~Book 3

Heaven’s security is threatened after an Ancient makes the ultimate sacrifice, thrusting Ellie further into a magical journey of self-discovery. Unbeknownst to her, God continues to challenge her valor and moral fortitude in unimaginable ways in preparation to wield the ultimate power.

Committed to see the Ancient’s objective to its end, Ellie forges alliances with the most unlikely allies as the Devil relentlessly searches for her, vowing to make good on the threat of crushing her and anyone that comes to her aid.

After witnessing the extent to which the Devil will go to see his threat into fruition, God’s final Ancient is entrusted onto a skeptical clairvoyant, throwing her back into a supernatural world she had refused to be associated with. After she becomes the unbidden caretaker of the once morally questionable characters that witnessed and bound souls, she recruits them on her newfound quest to support the crippling security of Heaven.

An unlikely dogmatic convergence of strength brews between worlds, gathering momentum and speed, all in preparation for a war that’s been brewing for centuries.

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