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Hello and welcome to my first blog post!

We’re going to get real and personal… really personal you can say.

My name is Maggie Havoc—writer and ultimate animal lover. I’d like for this blog to serve as a timeline for my readers, so you can understand how I got here. Let’s begin, shall we?


Ahh, the year I was born (you do the math). I was born in Essex, England, in the small town of Clacton-On-Sea. Now I know what you might be thinking, “OMG she’s an Essex girl?” Well, yes, yes I am. If you don’t know what that means, DON’T look it up, you’ve been forewarned. I have two brothers and one sister. Our parents divorced when we were young and my father left to pursue his career as a veterinarian in Spain. When I was 15, I finally had enough of the bitterly cold English air, and went to live with my dad in Spain. I had my first daughter when I was 18, back home in England. Yes, she’s an Essex girl, too.


My father had family living in Mexico and in El Paso, Texas. The gypsy soul within me wanted to experience something new again. So, guess what? I packed up and moved to El Paso, Texas. I moved in with my aunt who only spoke Spanish. The day I arrived she told me “Mija, si quieres comer, aprenderas a hablar espanol” (Darling, if you want to eat, you will learn how to speak Spanish) Y I K E S! I know, that’s what I said. So, guess what? I learned Spanish in one month (don’t worry, I only lost 10 pounds). I worked various jobs to get my feet off the ground. To keep busy and let off some steam, I got into tae kwon do, boxing and kickboxing. I always enjoyed staying active and channeling my inner badass. I even competed in martial arts and boxing. Yes, I wore the robe, braids and all! Eventually, I started my career in Texas and had my second daughter in 1997.


Fast forward (you haven’t missed much, just life stuff). In 2008, I experienced my first major injury. I tore my ACL and had reconstructive knee surgery. As someone who’s as active as I am, this was the most devastating thing that could have happened to me. It felt like a death sentence. However, this injury ended up being a blessing in disguise. During my two-month bed rest period, I picked up my laptop and started writing. Little did I know, life in my imagination was close to, if not better than the real thing, minus the injuries of course. However, after I recovered duty called. I returned to work, then just a few months later, bam, I tore my ACL again, this time it was my other leg. I couldn’t believe it, but after being teased with writing, coping with my second injury was not as traumatic, at least not mentally. I had already found my escape. It crossed my mind, “Am I being sent a message? Should I be writing?”

The most wonderful artist created this image. The I is omitted for the screw in Maggie, and it is the screw that I kept tearing out of my ACL, which kept bringing me back to my writing. While on bedrest, I picked up where I left off and created a whole story and world I fell in love with again. Once I recovered, I returned to work. Just when my mind was made up and I was no longer going to be a closet superhero, I launched myself off a roof. It was to be the pinnacle of my big reveal, only something went wrong. I suffered a third injury *cue the record scratch*. This injury was a partial knee dislocation that ultimately ended my career, no more cape and mask for me. But, I knew as this door closed, a new one would open.


After settling down in Oregon, and eight pets later (no, I don’t have a problem), I began to focus on my passion for writing again. And here I am, in the midst of releasing a fantasy series. I am so excited to share my hard work with you and I hope you love it just as much as I do.

What you will be seeing more of in my posts

I want to share my updates, failures, successes, behind the scenes and everything else in-between with you.

So, stay tuned for more!

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8 thoughts on “Hello and welcome to my first blog post!”

    1. Hi Natasha! Thank you for your kind words. Unfortunately, the website platform I use doesn’t offer a “like” tab. Hopefully that will change for us in the future. I hope you enjoy Ellie’s journey!

      1. Hello “Maggie”, I really enjoyed your first episode of “Ancients”, and am hungry and thirsty for the whole series! The main character, Ellie, a person that humanity would not choose, is the person God wants for His purpose. Throughout the Bible God chooses the man or woman for the job He wants done. Good job Maggie!!!

  1. After completing the beta reads for book one and two I am VERY much looking forward to the next two and hopefully making purchases when published. Keep up the great work!

  2. Hi Maggie,
    Loved books 1,2 3 and are impatiently awaiting book 4. I adore animals ,especially dogs , of which I have two. Live in West Sussex in U.K., so we are currently rather warm.

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